An international NGO called the World Federation of UNESCO Clubs, Centers and Associations (WFUCA) was formed in 1981 as the international coordinating organization to run the clubs for UNESCO worldwide. WFUCA is a NGO that has official relations with UNESCO. The role of WFUCA is to provide general coordination services, organize MUN conferences, cultural exchanges and training programs.
WFUCA 世界联合协会成立于1981年,是一个全球性非营利组织。作为全球教科文组织的国际协调机构, WFUCA 是一个与联合国教科文组织有正式关系的非政府组织。它的作用是提供一般协调服务,组织会议和交流,并为培训项目做贡献。

WFYMUN (World Federation of Youth Model United Nations Club) is a formal member of WFUCA Peaceland Village. On becoming a member of WFUCA, we are linking to a network of individuals and organizations who have the common goal to promote the work of UNESCO and other UN agencies at the grassroots level. For example, promote the Model United Nations conference among young people around the world, and organize related trainings and activities for the United Nations' Sustainable Development Goals to help more young people enhance international cultural communication, understand the United Nations deliberative mechanisms, and cultivate the young ambassadors who can delegate and speak for China in the world.
WFYMUN 世界青少年模拟联合国峰会是联合国 WFUCA 协会下属的和平中心 Peaceland Village 的正式成员,我们将连接志同道合的个人和组织,共同促进教科文组织和其他联合国机构的工作。如在全球青少年中推广模拟联合国项目,并对联合国的可持续发展目标进行相关的培训和活动组织,以帮助更多青少年促进国际文化交流学习,了解联合国议事机制,在中国本土培养代言中国在世界发言的使者们。

WFYMUN provides a broader international stage for capable and ambitious students, so that outstanding young people from all over the world can deeply understand and discuss the current hot topics around the world under the conference system of the model United Nations deliberation mechanism. With the English you have learned to do the research, debating, summarizing, negotiating... you can also have great brainstorm with top experts from the world, inspire each other, and enrich your life.
WFYMUN 为有能力、有志向的同学,提供一个更广阔的国际化舞台,让来自世界各地的优秀⻘少年,在模拟联合国议事机制的 会议制度下,深入了解、探讨当下热⻔的世界议题, 充分应用所学的英语进行议题调研、辩论、总结、磋商...... 并在此基础上,与来自世界的优秀头脑们进行头脑⻛暴,相互促进,得到进一步的成⻓和收获。
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