Graduate from 耶鲁大学 国际公共关系事物
The incredible and unique opportunity to participate in the WFYMUN conference has truly been the experience of a lifetime for many students.

Graduate from 伦敦政经 金融法务专业
You take the place of a delegate of a country or international organization,The aim of a council is to find a solution to the problem that’s been given as a topic for your conference.

Graduate from 法兰克福大学
Just like in the real UN, you’ll have the chance to draft resolutions and find the last solution,to some important issues today, like climate change, the refugee crisis, and more.

Graduate from 瑞士日内瓦大学
As a delegate of a country, you’ll have to play your part by sticking to your foreign policies,but also knowing when you need to compromise with others for the better good.

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